Congratulations go to Esme Dyer who has been awarded the CMST Pupil of The Month award for February, 2018.

Esme is an aspiring Violinist who is taught by Karen Frost, CMST string teacher and string team manager. Esme has made an excellent start to her musical career with rapid development as you will read below.

Karen Frost, when interviewed, had some wonderful things to say about Esme. “Esme is a model pupil. She only began playing the violin in September 2017, but I am nominating her for the POTMA because of her amazing progress and commitment in such a short time. Practising everyday of the week, she goes home after her lesson on a Friday and teaches her Mum what she has learnt in her lesson that day.”

Karen continued to say “Mum, although never having learnt an instrument before, has her own violin and this parental involvement is a huge contributing factor to Esme’s success and enjoyment of learning. Esme is one of the most pleasant pupils I have had the good fortune to teach and I would like her (and her mum) to be rewarded for her achievement and dedication.”

Gareth Churcher, Head of Service for CMST, commented “It is really lovely to read about the family involvement with Esme and her Mum and this type of skill sharing really demonstrates how music making can bring a family closer together, not to mention the knock on educational benefits for Esme. When we look at this through a wider lens the power of music to bring communities together is something that we must not lose sight of. Well done Esme and congratulations to Mum too!!!”