Saturday 16th June will see eighteen brass bands marching through the Mid Cornwall village of Bugle at 10am at the start of the 94th West of England Bandsmen’s Festival. The Bands are judged on their Deportment as they make their way to the Contest Field for the day’s Contesting at this unique open air Festival, where Mark Wilkinson, this year’s music Adjudicator, is making his first appearance, with Jonathan Lush Camps LRSM acting as the new Deportment Judge.

Several thousand spectators from all over Cornwall and the United Kingdom line the main street to cheer on the Bands, before making their way to Molinnis Park to hear them compete in the seven different Sections, including Youth and Training, included as the organisers are particularly keen to encourage young musicians to participate in competitive music making.

This year the Festival is particularly pleased to welcome the Spijkerpakkenband from the Netherlands, as well as Bands from neighbouring Devon and Dorset, to join the Cornish Bands in friendly competition.

Prize money totals some £4000, with £1000 going to the winners of the Championship Section, as well as the prestigeous Royal Trophy, presented by the then Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall to the Festival in 1913.

The Royal Connection with the Festival is still maintained as HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall is Patron of the Festival.

Well over 40 other Trophies are presented throughout the various Sections, including 12 special Soloists Awards, which are eagerly sought after by the Musicians.

The Festival, situated since 1912 in the heart of the Cornish China Clay Country at Molinnis Park in Bugle, provides ample parking in view of the Bandstand, and with comfortable seating available, this sets the scene for the audience to enjoy the attractive selection of Test Pieces, chosen not only to test the Musicians, but to provide entertainment for those listening.

With Trade Stands and the famous Tea Tent, a full day of entertainment, socialising and enjoyment is guaranteed. The March to the Field at Molinnis Park commences at 10am, with the Contest commencing at 11am.

For further information contact Phillip Hunt, Publicity Officer, 01752 843919.