About AIMS

AIMS provides mutual support for music teacher co-operatives and other independent self-governing music services, by sharing best practice, legal updates and other practices which embrace the values and principles of the co-operative movement.

AIMS is itself a co-operative with all member organisations having a say, and a vote, in how it is run and what it does. It has been set up in partnership with, and supported by the Musicians’ Union, to address the need for practical advice, business support, and development for the growing number of independent music services and co-operatives.

As an increasing number of local authorities have closed their music services, there is a need for alternative music service models to avoid fragmentation of the sector, ensure the many established benefits of music education remain available to young people, and that musicians continue to have opportunities for viable and rewarding teaching careers.

Supporting their teachers

Sharing of teaching resources, research, and CPD opportunities.


AIMS brings together organisations who have found a variety of solutions, and provides a forum for

Supporting member organisations: exchanging ideas and resources for running and developing the organisation, support and training for managers or directors.


Alongside advocating for the benefits of music education, we aim to demonstrate that organisations following co-operative values and principles can result in more effective music education practice with a motivated and well-supported workforce, and create opportunities for growth and innovation.