Benefits for AIMS Members


​In partnership with the Musicians’ Union (MU), AIMS supports the long-term development of music teacher co-operatives and independent music services by offering the following:

Legal Advice

AIMS makes guidance available to all members on governance, employment law, and any changes in legislation. This is checked by the MU’s legal team, ensuring music cooperatives and services can stay up-to-date, reduce risks of liability, and help maintain good relationships with music teachers, schools, pupils and parents.


Shared Policy Documents

Members have access to template policy documents for music cooperatives and trusts, checked by The MU and used by current AIMS members. These can be adapted where needed, saving time and effort, and will be updated in line with changes in legislation, and help achieve consistency in best practice across the sector.

Events and Training

In partnership with the MU, members will have access to a range of events and training for music teachers, and also to support directors and managers in developing the skills involved in running their organisations.

AIMS Community

Online private forum for members, with access to shared policy documents, teaching resources shared by member organisations, and to create a virtual community for discussion between “real-world” meetings.